Down time #TheRunningWriter

Everyone needs down time, but we so often don’t have time to take downtime.

Can you relate?

Well, sometimes it’s forced upon you in one form or another. For me, these past five days, a wicked head and chest cold knocked my feet out from beneath me.

I’ve spent lots of time balled up beneath the blankets, sleeping off the fever, trying not to break a rib as I cough my lungs out…you get the picture.

While I despise being sick, because who has the time, it’s a big reminder that I need to slow down once in a while. It’s a big reminder to appreciate my health when it’s good. And an even bigger reminder of how blessed I am to be able to work at a job with pretty awesome people and run the trails with my trail peeps!

Hopefully today is my last day of seclusion. I will for sure return to the land of the living with a new and fresh attitude of thanksgiving and appreciation!

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