E is for Eurythmics…

Okay. I promise not all musicians I pick this month will be from the 80s. But I just HAD to put the Eurythmics on the list. I mean, how cool are they? 

And Annie–what a…unique character, huh? 

Did you know Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox were married? Leave it to my sweet hubby to have that bit of music trivia tucked away in his brain. 

11 thoughts on “E is for Eurythmics…

  1. What a awesome theme for the month. And great selections so far.

    Funny story, just yesterday this song came on the radio and my 11 yo daughter thought it was a new song from One Republic. (The DJ had just announced they would be coming up next, as in next after Eurythmics!)

    • Yeah, I didn’t either until my hubby told me. I think they might be divorced now, I’m not sure. Can’t keep up on things lately (working on a new story—I get a little nuts during that process. LOL)

  2. I’ve only recently gotten into the Eurythmics. Not sure why I didn;t back in the 80s and 90s. But I’m listening to a lot of their music and really liking what I hear.

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