Ebook or Print?

I remember a couple of years ago I swore up and down I’d never deviate from the printed book. I’d heard so many people getting Nooks or Kindles or whatever electronic version of e-reading devices. 

I just love the smell of a book. The texture. 

But then I tried it. 

I got a Nook a couple of years ago when I went on a trip “across the pond.” I couldn’t very well PACK ten books…. 

After that, I was hooked.

Now, I didn’t stop buying print books all together. But…my buying print books has diminished significantly.  I’ve heard it’s happening everywhere. 

Weekly I see posts on blogs or twitter such as “e-book sales soar” or “Bookstore report losses again….” 

And now…I have a Kindle!  

I actually like my Kindle better than my Nook. But can you believe it? I went from “Never” to having TWO! **shakes head**

Funny how things change, right? You know what they say about never saying never….

What’s your preference? Will you ever go to strictly e-books? Are print books a thing of the past?

24 thoughts on “Ebook or Print?

  1. I LOVE print. I dont have any problems with ebooks, but if given the choice I’ll take a book any day of the week.
    Now just to be clear, since I do reviews I have MANY ebooks, but I prefer print books.

  2. I was like you, Lynn. I sorta shook my head at e-readers. Then hubby got a free iPad from someone he does business with and passed it on to me. I thought it a little heavy. Plus, since I’m on dial-up, all the fancy doodads that you can do with an iPad, I couldn’t LOL. So we sold it. Then hubby got me a Sony E-Reader for my b-day. I must say I am hooked. It’s light. It’s easy to load up books. I find I read a lot more fiction now (romance especially).

    As for print, I only purchase non-fiction, since I love rock n’ roll biographies and memoirs. I need to see the pictures and what-not. Plus, I collect them.

  3. I LOVE my kindle. LOVE.
    I’ve never really liked reading hardback books, so that one was easy. BUT some covers are just too pretty to sit on my kindle, and must be on my shelf.

    I just need to save up and get a kindle fire…

    • I was never a fan of hardbacks. Too stiff. Not easily toted along. But for sure the kindle is REALLY easy to tote around. LOL. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Well, I still like print books the best…probably because I spend all day staring at a computer screen and it’s nice to get away for a bit. However, I do have a brand new Kindle Fire from Christmas, and I’m really enjoying it. So, I guess I like both. 🙂

  5. It is so interesting, Lynn. So many have said that they would never deviate, but when they do, they struggle w/ going back. My wife is a teacher and only reads during the summer and Christmas break. She used to read 5 books during the summer, but that first summer w/ her Kindle, she read 8. It is very hard to beat the convenience. Even though I only have a short amount of time each day to read, I have read so much more because of the Kindle!


  6. I love my Kindle. It’s just so convenient. And I can go to the Kindle App on my phone and start reading if I’m waiting somewhere. I love print books. But I also remember the days I had to wait for series because I couldn’t make it to the book store. Now, I can buy nine books in a row and it charges my card, which I guess has gotten me into trouble 🙂

    • Oh, cool. Can you interchange between phone and Kindle? Like, if you don’t have your kindle with, can you open up the same book on your phone, too?

      • Yes. I have to download the book to my phone, but as long as I know where I left off, it’s pretty easy to find. It also does this thing where it goes to the furthest you’ve read in the book. But I find it easier to remember my location and then just search for it on my phone. The same works for if I’m reading on my phone and want to find the same place on the Kindle.

    • Necessity…these days it seems that way, huh? 🙂 I really like those tiny Kindles. they’d fit better in my purse. LOL

  7. I started reading eBooks when I got my iPhone about two years ago. Accept for the very rare times when I’ve reread a print book from my collection I exclusively read using my Kindle. I love it and wouldn’t change back.

  8. I really prefer a book, but the only experience I have had with the ebooks are reading them on my desk top computer. I would love to have a Nook Tablet. But I dont see that happening anytime soon. Just can not a ford one. So I will have to continue to read my ebooks on my computer. Almost all authors are adding novella’s to there series, so I had to break down and download the Nook for PC and the Kindle for PC. But as far as it being easier for me to carry with me, well I am not able to carry my desk top lol lol….. so for now I am sticking with the books.

    • I hear ya, Teresa. They are an expense. It’s hard for me to read books on my computer. I sit at it so much during the day with editing/writing, I have to step away to read. But lots of people read books on their computers. And with the Kindle only $79.00 now. You might be able to get one sooner than later! 🙂

    • ONE print book? Okay, I’ve purchased a few, but it’s gone down drastically. Some I just have to buy and hold and smell. LOL!!!!! But mostly I’m a Kindle girl.

  9. I could not stand e-readers, until I got one. I personally don’t want paper books anymore. The price is better. I like the free books on Amazon. I have gotten a free book loved the author & am on my 6th book of hers now. All the other books are about $2 to $3. A great price for a person a budget. I will not go back, only forward. I am looking into the kindle fire now.—Rachel

  10. I like a print book every once in a while and always if it’s non-fiction, but I read almost all my fiction now from an ereader. I read faster on my kindle, so I finish a book faster which means I can get back to writing faster. 🙂

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