Embrace the Shock #TheRunningWriter

Embrace the shock.


I was unexpectedly laid off from a job once, and it took me and my hubby by such shock I remember just sitting there, on the edge of the bed, phone in hand, speechless.

I’d been a top closer for years. But the real estate industry and circumstances within the company led to the shocking decision.

I remember feeling hurt. Betrayed. Confused and scared. I let myself simmer in those feelings for a few days, let the shock die down. And then…..I wrote.

And I wrote.

I was unemployed for about four months and in that time I wrote four novels. One of which ended up getting picked up by an agent and publisher!

It helped me process the emotions. It helped me fill my time. And it allowed me to write new—happy endings—to situations out of my character’s control.

You just never know where seemingly bad things will take you. What amazing things it can direct you to. The key is getting through the strong emotions that sometimes hold us back when we’re feeling sad, hurt, and scared.

What do you do to cope?

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