When’s the last time you escaped the chaos of day-to-day life? Last weekend? Last month? Can’t remember?

YIKES, is all I can say if you have chosen the last one (Can’t Remember!).

Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows my husband and I are known to hop on the bikes for some mileage pretty much each weekend. If you follow my Twitter or FaceBook status, you’ll often see, “Off for a ride.”

This past weekend, we shook it up a bit by throwing in a mountain bike ride! Yep, we still did the road biking on Sunday, but Saturday we stole up into a nearby mountain and pounded out a few miles on some single tracks.


This is the view of Phoenix from the side of a mountain.

Yep, we’re still in the city…But within the chaos of the traffic,

We found this little getaway.

charlie-and-sheri3This is me and my sweet hubby.

We’d just made a huge climb up the side of a mountain.


sheri-on-the-mountain1Had to take my “Rocky” picture at the top. It was such a hard climb, I had to shed a layer and get a picture. I think the temperature had climbed fifty degrees (Can we say exaggerate?) by the time we were done.

So, after a couple Ciff Bars and some Gatorade, we made our way back down the mountain.

Such a great escape, and who better to spend the time with than my sweet hubby, Charlie.


Tell me about your last escape, I’d love to hear.


6 thoughts on “ESCAPE

  1. My escape was this past weekend, snuggling in my bedroom with my kitties, catching up on blogging and reading and looking out the window at my yard and pond. Snow is gone and the pond is almost thawed.

  2. Lynn,
    Sadly, I’m in the “Can’t Remember” category. 🙁

    I LOVE Carlsbad Caverns! Went many a time as a little person. Hoping to take my kids when they’re a little bit older.

  3. Kat and Billy—I’m sorry it’s cold where you guys are. I’ll send you some heat!! 🙂

    Travis–Wow, Carlsbad Caverns…sounds interesting. Glad you had fun!

  4. My latest escape was into the depths of the Carlsbad Caverns. We live close enough that we take the kids down there for an afternoon suprise. They love it and it’s a good field trip!

  5. Seeing both you and your husband in SHORTS makes me a little more than jealous. My escape is the mountains outside my front door, but at the moment they’re covered in about a foot of snow and frozen by temperatures in the negative.

    So tired of winter.

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