Evolution of a book cover…

I have the best book cover designer ever. I might be biased, but she’s just done a fantastic job on all of my covers. I’ve got them all listed below, but for today’s post, I wanted to link you up to Jeannie, AKA best designer ever. She posted about how she created my latest cover, FROSTBITE. It’s pretty sweet.

CLICK HERE to enter Jeannie’s lair.

Be sure to leave a comment. I’ll give you an eARC of the book Frostbite (releases September 17th, 2013) if you do. Just be sure to leave an email addy in your comment so I know where to send the e-book. Okay?

Here’s a peak at all the covers she’s done for me.


5 thoughts on “Evolution of a book cover…

  1. Your covers are so eye catching! Readers definitely judge a book by their cover and I doubt they will stay on the shelves for long. I think your Frostbite one is my favourite, its so different!

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