Fear drives faith #TheRunningWriter

Fear drives faith


There’s is an awesome song out there by Lecrae called I’ll Find You. I had it on my 50k or Bust playlist while I was training for my 50k race last March.

A phrase in that song really stuck out to me: Pain strengthens and fear drives faith.

Read that one more time: Pain strengthens and fear drives faith.

I can’t think of anything more true. I look back at the pain I’ve experienced, both physical pain and emotional, and I do believe it made me stronger.

Sure, it hurt while I was experiencing it, but when I was on the other side of it, I see how it helped me. Made me stronger.

But that second part about fear driving faith….So true. I think about how scared I was to send out my first manuscript to agents and publishers. I took a step out in faith that’s for sure.

When I’m scared of something I tend to pray more. Do you? Looking for strength. For calm through the stormy emotions fear can cause. I trust that I’ll get through whatever I’m facing. That I can learn and grow from it. Each step forward I take I take in faith.

As the song says, just fight a little longer, my friends, it’s all worth it in the end.

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