Feel the power #TheRunningWriter

Feel the power


A while back a friend of mine told me about this song Made For This, by Carrollton. He told me it would be a great trail running song.

Wow. He was spot on. The music is good, but those words….you need to check it out.

These few sentences really stick out to me:

I don’t give up, I won’t back down

Goodbye worries, no time to doubt

I feel the power, I won’t be afraid

Fear won’t stop me, I don’t break

Holy inspiration. Feel the power. I don’t break.

I don’t break.

Sometimes I feel like I just might break. Whether it be from fear or frustration. Grief or pain.

The biggest one is fear, though. It sure feels like fear can dictate things sometimes, doesn’t it?

I’ve always heard that God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. That fear comes from a dark place. And in this song, I’m reminded that I won’t break. That I am powerful.

I can face my fear and win. I won’t let fear control me. I won’t let fear chase me off my path. Off the path God put me on.

I was made for this!

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