Find one thing #TheRunningWriter

Find one thing.


Don’t you just hate it went you accidentally drop a piece of bread and it lands peanut butter side down?

What a mess.

Or when you go to shake your creamer before using it and the lid isn’t on tight.

What a mess.

It’s days like these that you just wanna crawl back into bed. You just know the day is going to be a mess. That everything is going to be a little harder.

I chuckle with my hubby when this kind of stuff happens and say, “It’s going to be one of those days.”

We all have them. And while they usually aren’t catastrophic, they are quite annoying.

I try to tackle those types of days by looking for something positive. Even in its tiniest measurement, find one thing that’s positive. It helps shift our focus. It might even be enough to change the momentum of the “one of these days” day.

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