Fire and Ice

Snowed in?

I hear it’s snowing in Texas! As in lots of snow. Between COVID and weather isolation, it might be time for your next binge read. And I have SIGNED copies of the entire Touch of Frost Trilogy in stock. CLICK HERE to get your copy.

Here’s what people are saying about the series:

“I completely enjoyed Frostbite and for the life of me, couldn’t break free until the very end.” ~The Book Queen Amazon Review

“If you’ve read and liked such stories as “Fire Starter” by S. King and “I Am Number Four” by P. Lore, then you are going to love this book!” ~The Book Queen

“If you like Marvel and the X-Men, then Frostbite is right up your alley!” ~Travis W. Inman

“A riveting plot, well fleshed out characters, and a little romance and intrigue filled this icy page turner.” UNPUT-DOWNABLE !!  KM Whittaker, Page Flipperz Blog Amazon Review



Amanda gives a whole new meaning to cool…

Amanda Smith is sick of getting chased from town-to-town. So when she lands in tiny Trifle, Arizona, she hopes it’s her last move for a long time. Despite hating the smallness of the town, she settles in and finds a best friend, and even a boyfriend. Normality at its finest.

But for a girl who can shoot snow from her hands and lift a two-ton truck over her head like a bag of feathers—normal is not an option.

The scientists who murdered her mother come barreling into Amanda’s quiet life. She must decide if she’ll run again or stay and fight. The price of either choice might be her life or the lives of those she’s come to love…


Happy reading, my friends!

NYT & USA Today Bestseller & ultra-runner known as #TheRunningWriter. Rep'd by Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency.