Fire in the hole

From my sweet hubby’s bag of funny stories…..

Ron and Sharon (who celebrated 50 years together) and the little one is RG.
Ron and Sharon (who celebrated 50 years together) and the little one is RG.

Over the previous weekend, Charlie’s aunt and uncle (Ron and Sharon) celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Now, anytime I hear of longevity in a marriage, I have to mention it. Yeah Sharon and Ron!! Whoo-Hoo!! 50 years!!

***okay, back to the post***

“What’s this got to do with Friday Funnies?” You might ask?

Well, when we heard about the gathering, Charlie started thinking of some of the memories he had of past family gatherings. He told me of one story that had come up more than once during such events.

It had me rolling on the floor, because I could totally picture Charlie’s dad, RG, doing this.

RG was about four years old. And you know how four-year-old boys can be, right?

Busy. Maybe even in a little trouble, right? Well . . . .

His family was out in the living room having coffee after a dinner or something when suddenly little RG come scurrying out of the kitchen.

He stops in the middle of the room and says, “I’m gettin’ the hell outta here.” Then bolts out the door. Within seconds, the smell of smoke filtered out from the kitchen.

Yeah, the very place from which a four-year-old boy just scurried.

The adults got up to investigate. As they entered the small kitchen they saw flames shoot out from the garbage bin.

The small fire was quickly snuffed out, but everyone had to chuckle about how the little kid just came out and said, “I’m gettin’ the hell outta here.”

Of course, the laughing came out much much later . . . .


**Any funny stories to share?**

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