Yeah!  My first contest results are back.  As expected, I did not final, but the feedback–I’m so encouraged by it.  Sure, I got a couple low scores on some areas, I was expecting that.  The manuscript I had submitted was “pre-critique group” quality, so to say it nicely, it stunk.  Just kidding.  It didn’t stink, just smelled a little.  

Since then I’ve taken courses, been in a crit group, and really have grown in the craft.  It was exciting to see the suggestion the judges made, you know why?  Because most had already been made.  My crit group found them, I took some classes (three ACFW classes) and then sought out some mentorship with a local writing group (English professor, etc).  

So, I was very encouraged, despite a couple low scores (actually, I scored higher in a few categories than I had anticipated), I am ecstatic with the first contest experience.  I was expecting horrid scores in every category because I am, after all, a novice.  New to the industry.  New to writing.  I am regular person who had a few ideas pop into her head, and with a little time, education, and tough critique sessions, the ideas formed into a flowing novel.  By the grace of God, that is.  

Because it’s all for Him anyway.  So, we’ll see where the next contests take me, IF they take me anywhere.

Hope you’re having a great Saturday!


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