FIRST MEETINGS–Shelby Daniels Week

Hi. Shelby here again. We’re half-way through the week that Lynn let me blog for her.

I thought about what I should post, and the only thing that came to mind was Gabe. I mean, what sweeter thing to write abolove-5ut than the love of my life, right?

Lynn said I could tell you a “little” about my sweetheart, Gabe. Oh, and I thought I’d share the first time we met. Thought that would be pretty safe and not give away too much of the story.

It’s a rather unique meeting.

But aren’t all they all this crazy?

I was walking to the bridge that I went to every night. You know, to get drunk, or high, or do something stupid, like trapeze walk the railing.

Gosh, I wasn’t too bright, was I?   **Wait, don’t answer that**

Anyway, a demon attacked me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it had been scoping me out for a little while.

I ran away from the monster, but then it tracked me down again. I thought I was going to die when it grabbed me by the neck. But suddenly a bright light flashed and all went dark for me.

Yeah, I passed out. I know, I was a wimp. Ok, wait, no I wasn’t, anyone would have passed out after seeing that hideous creature.

So, when I woke up, I saw this sweet-looking guy staring down at me.

Yeah, wavy blonde hair, dreamy eyes, sweet body…Gabe, if you’re reading this, don’t blush, it’s true. You’re a cutie. ☺

But, I was so ticked off at the world and scared at what just happened, I totally brushed him off.

Yep. Called him a surfer dude or something.

I was such a jerk to him.

Later that night, when I was pretty much toasted, wasting my time at the bridge, he appeared again. He tried to talk to me, but I was so drunk, I barely said much before I passed out. But I remember insulting him a few times, I think.

Man, if I had been him, I would have said, “This girl’s a loser, I’m outta here.”

But he didn’t.

He stuck with me, showed up a few more times and charmed me with his killer smile and dreamy eyes.

Ok, so it wasn’t quite that easy, but if I give you all the details, Lynn will have my head. You’ll have to read the book…


So, how’d you meet that special someone?


11 thoughts on “FIRST MEETINGS–Shelby Daniels Week

  1. Tracy and Elizabeth—Ahhhh, church and a writers conference. I love it!

    But, I have to admit, none seem as exciting as mine and Gabe’s first meeting…. LOL ….. I guess maybe it’s because of the whole demons and superpowers thing, huh?

    Just kidding, you guys. Thanks for sharing your first meetings.

  2. I met my fantastic partner at a writers’ convention in New England; I’m a writer, Cortney is an illustrator. It was nearing midnight and we were sitting outside on the grass with a bunch of other writers and artists, taking turns toasting marshmallows over a Habachi. We just started talking…and talked until dawn. We moved in together 3 months later. We couldn’t be any better matched – interests, senses of humor, passions, compassions, and sensitivities. We’ve been together eight years now and our bond is stronger than ever.

  3. Great way to meet, Shelby!

    And Lynn, how awesome on your almost thirteen years! I love that you met through his girlfriend – what a hoot!

    I met the love of my life at church… That’s not to say there wasn’t some drama… But now we’ve been married for seven years (well on the 28th anyway) and it has been an amazing journey!

  4. Ok, I had to chime in. Because, like Shelby, my sweetie, Charlie, is my favorite person to talk about. 🙂

    As for our FIRST meeting…yeah, didn’t involve any demons or superpowers, that’s for sure. It was interesting, though.

    I met him through his girlfriend.

    Yep. You read right. My boyfriend and Charlie played football together in college.

    There wasn’t an instant, “Oh my, I wanna be with him.” Probably because I was dating someone else, right? Heck, it wasn’t until almost three years later Charlie and I started dating.

    But once we did, I went back to that memory of when we first met and remembered being really taken by him. Probably subconsciously, huh?

    Now, this August, we’ll celebrate 13 years of marriage.

  5. Kat–OMG, I love that story. What a great one. Seventeen years, huh? That’s amazing. Love to hear that kinda stuff. That’s awesome.

    Gzusfreek–God will bring a keeper into your life, it’s a God thing, you know. 🙂 Heck, I wasn’t even lookin’ for a guy, and look at the gem I found. Remember, anywwhere, anytime, anyplace!

  6. Isn’t it funny what someone will put up with for love? 🙂

    My hubby and I met at college. Walking toward the music hall for my first chorus class, I saw this long-haired hippie freak sitting on top of the stone ledge with a white Gibson guitar in his hand.

    Before I could get past without making eye contact, he said to me: “So, you can sing? Huh?”

    I thought, Well, yeah, that’s why I’m going to chorus.

    And he asked, “So, you want to be in a band?”

    That’s got to be the worst pick-up line ever. But it worked. That was nearly 17 years ago!

  7. Shelby – which one? Just kidding. LOL —– Turned a few good ones away, but I will wait on the Lord, I will wait 🙂
    Great stuff guys! Love your posts Shelby !

  8. Rosslyn…Oh yeah. If it ever gets published, you’ll have to check it out. My life is pretty crazy. I mean, how many people can say they can see the future and heal wounds…oh, and then have a boyfriend who has super strength and can fry a demon with his hands. Yeah, that makes for a crazy life, for sure! 🙂

    Billy…meeting your wife at work isn’t boring. Do you get to work with her still? That’d be cool, to see her every day like that.

    Janelle…A bar…Hey, God can meet us anywhere, anytime, anyplace, girlfriend. 🙂

    Thanks for stoppin’ by you guys.

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