First Writers Group Ever

It was a reunion of epic proportions for me.

For those of you who don’t know my story….here it is.

Way back in 2008, I’d written a book. My first book EVER. Now, I’d never taken a writing class, nor was I in journalism or yearbook or newspaper activities while growing up.

I didn’t know I was to become a writer, hadn’t ever crossed my mind, actually. But God has a sense of humor and some crazy awesome plans we just can’t fathom sometimes.

So, I had this book written and no idea what to do next. My BFF said, “Take the next step!” For me, that meant hitting up Google for some information. I searched writers groups in Phoenix.

The first one that popped up I grabbed, and talked to Donna G. She lead me to Phoenix Christian Writers Group, and I decided to attend the next meeting.

Alone. Just me. I was totally clueless, scared, confused, but I went with it.

Jan and Vic were the first two people I remember. They’d been a part of or leading the group for over two decades. I was welcomed with open arms and given encouraging, positive feedback on the few pages I read.

I was so scared. Reading your own work out loud is like baring your soul. It made me feel vulnerable, inadequate and ridiculous.

But they didn’t make me feel any of those.

Nope, they were amazing. I remember getting back into the car to drive home and breaking out in tears. I’d just done something so scary, something outside my comfort zone, and I’d survived. Even felt encouraged.

Today Vic stepped down from the leading group. And even though I hadn’t been to the group in many years, I just had to go see him and Jan. There were some familiar faces there, and they were still as welcoming as could be. It made my heart smile.

Bless you, Vic. Thank you for what you’ve done for the many writers you’ve been in contact with. I wouldn’t be where I am in this amazing journey to publication without you.

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