Five things I’ve Learned. . .

No, the picture has nothing to do with the post.

I just thought it was really pretty.

Don’t you?

Now, back to business. . .

My friend, Danica, tagged me in this fun post!

The post was about the five things I’ve learned this year. To pick just five was difficult, but hey, here’s my attempt:

1. Patience. Now, I can’t say I’ve learned it, cuz I’m still learning it. But, it counts as one, right? And how have I been learning it? Oh, the waiting game. Several publishers have requested several full manuscripts from  my agent, and now the waiting game is on full force. But it’s all good, cuz I’ll just write some more . . . 🙂

2.  I can get through heartache. I had a publishing contracted signed, my book cover, AND my first round of edits for Violet Midnight—but then the publisher closed its doors. I blogged about it HERE, but the reason I bring it up today is that I learned I can get through disappointment. God’s faithful, I trust that. It was a bit easier to swallow, too, when a couple other publishers requested it shortly after my heartbreak. Oh, and then I wrote another book after that. . . so, yeah, I learned I can get through heartache.

3.  I can survive without caffeine. Okay, not totally without caffeine, but with significantly less than what I’d been consuming. Sure, had a wicked headache for a day or two, but now, Chrystal Light is my friend. Grape and Fruit Punch. YUMMY!

4.  Friends are important.  I’ve met so many friends online and in face-to-face writers groups and I’ve come to realize how valuable they are. Such a constant support in this endeavor! They make me smile when I’m not feeling like it. Encourage me with well-timed, uplifting words. And most importantly, love me for me. Even with all my character defects.

5.  God is ever faithful. Through months of unemployment, the heartache of losing a publishing contract, and various other interesting developments over the past year, God has been faithful through it all. And like the video I played on yesterday’s post, I’ve landed on my feet every event thrown my way so far this year. Woo-Hoo!!

Now it’s time for me to pass the buck. Are you ready? Three lucky people will get the chance to share their learning experiences with the rest of us. And you are: Lori Lundquist, KM Wilsher, and Kat Harris. What have you learned so far this year?

10 thoughts on “Five things I’ve Learned. . .

  1. Life is always about learning but sometimes the lessons are hard. I love your continued optomism and perserverence and willingness to gain from every situation. Something for us all to learn from this post.

  2. You weren’t the only one disappointed by the loss of your publishing contract–there’s a whole slew of out here who were anxiously awaiting it’s release :). And we’re still waiting, and we will keep waiting because we know it will happen for you!

    I refuse to give up caffeine ;). I’ve had to survive without it in the past, and it was fine, but not going to unless I have to!

    Now, excuse my while I go grab another cup of coffee….

    1. Thanks, Kat. Yeah, that was an interesting time during all that publication stuff. But hey, it might happen someday. God’s timing. God’s plan.

      Enjoy your coffee. . . . 🙂

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