Four Word Interview. . .

HI, Trinity here.

You guys might know Emma Martin from Violet Midnight. She has visited this blog many times. I loved what she came up with on one of her posts:  The Four Word Interview.

I wanted to try this, so I interviewed my Jayden.

He agreed, reluctantly.

In case you missed how this works, it’s rather simple. I ask four questions that are only four words long, and the interviewee can answer with up to four words.

Trinity: Favorite time of day….

Jayden: Sunset on my balcony

Trinity: Fondest childhood memory is. . .

Jayden: Fishing with my sister

Trinity:  Favorite food to eat . . .

Jayden:  Cheeseburger and a beer

Trinity:  If granted one wish. . .

Jayden:  Your memories returned

Isn’t he sweet to use his wish for me? I was lucky to land in his arms when I fell from my realm to here. *waves at Jayden*



For an entry into the drawing, leave a comment here, telling me one of your favorite foods.

For TWO extra entries, click over to Lynn’s author page at Tribe Literary and leave a comment.

12 thoughts on “Four Word Interview. . .

  1. Favorite food (at least for today 🙂 was the tofu reuben I ate for dinner. Yum! Oh, and I also love Gobi Manchurian. And Godiva truffles – they are the bomb! Sorry, I went a little overboard here. Ha!


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