Four Word Interview…Claude Bouchard

Hey, everyone, Emma here. I’m here with Chris Barry today. Claude Bouchard writes his story in  Vigilante.

Chris IS a brave dude, too, for agreeing to this four-word interview…so let’s jump into it. Be sure to stick around, Claude is giving you all a chance to win an e-book version of Vigilante!


Emma Martin: Favorite time of year….

Chris Barry: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


EM: Fondest childhood memory is . . .

CB:  Seeing my mom smile


EM:  Favorite food to eat . . .

CB: Medium-rare filet-mignon


EM: If granted one wish. . .

CB:  Make world crime-free


Thanks, Chris. You’re a little stinker on that first one **grin** but that’s cool, you like all the seasons, I get it.


Giveaway time:

I know you want to read more about Chris’s story now, so here’s your chance:

Leave a comment here on this blog post and you’re entered.

Easy peasy.

I get enough “difficult” tracking down Vamps preying on my fellow college co-eds, so I’m all about the easy right now. Plus, my wrist just totally ignited so I have to bolt and go kick some Vamp-butt.

I’ll be back later, though, so leave your comments and don’t worry, if you’ve read Vigilante already, you can still enter the giveaway because Claude mentioned he’d substitute a book if the winner has already read Vigilante. And he’s got quite a few available, too!

You can enter until Midnight (pacific time) tonight (11/12/11). One entry per person. I’ll pick a winner and I’ll update this post and also put it here in the comments (so you might want to subscribe to the comments or just remember to check back by Monday the 14th. K?)

See you later, everyone.

6 thoughts on “Four Word Interview…Claude Bouchard

  1. Hey, everyone. Emma here.
    I drew a winner and it’s………
    Laura Diamond


    I’ll have Claude get in touch with you, Laura. 🙂 Congrats.

  2. Hey, guys….Was out fighting those darn Vamps. They tried to get my best friend today. So NOT happy about that.

    THANKS, Chris for stopping by the blog and braving my four word interview.

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