Four Word Interview–Luke Romyn


Hey, everyone, Emma here. Now, I face supernatural beings all the time considering the title Vamp Hunter was thrown at me three years ago…but this dude, Vain …he’s close to being as scary as David (Lynn’s character from Wasteland.) Luke must have done some major bribing to get him to do this four-word interview.

But I’m glad he did.

Check this out, I’m so going to read this book so I can see how this Vain guy turns out.


Emma Martin: Favorite weapon for battle…

Vain: Knife in the shadows.


EM: Favorite time of day…

Vain: When darkness reigns supreme.


EM:  Favorite food to eat…

Vain: Heart of my enemy.


EM: If granted one wish…

Vain: Ignore the conscience within.


Whoa. So now I totally want to recruit him to come help me clean up this campus. Either him or Luke. I mean, you did see the size of Luke’s biceps in that home page picture, right?


Okay, everyone. Your turn.

What would be your FOUR WORD answer to the “if granted one wish…” question?


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