Four Word Interview–Of A Darker Nature

I’ve got the amazing Emily Cross here today.  Michelle Clay writes Emily’s story in Of a Darker Nature.

Emma Martin: Favorite time of day….

Emily Cross: Sunset, when Marcus awakes.

EM: Fondest childhood memory is . . .

EC: Everything before the accident

EM: Favorite food to eat . . .

EC: Ice Cream –  yum!

EM: If granted one wish. . .

EC: To be “normal”


Hey, Emily. Do you let people call you EM? I have a very SELECT few who can call me that. It’s kind of a special nickname reserved for those closest to me.

Oh, and on the “normal” answer. I’m with you. Two years ago I turned…not so normal, and sometimes I kind of miss it.


Emily Cross reads the memories of the deceased. Working at a funeral home might not be a logical choice, but for Emily, it’s a natural one. When she’s attacked, the creatures she thought were folklore become too real. As she’s being drained of life, the cadaver on the next table rises and fights them off. Feeling a connection to her hero, she vows to find him.
Marcus Dane doesn’t know how he ended up in a mortuary. As an Enforcer for the Mistress of the City, he’s been following leads regarding a powerful witch who aims to exterminate his blood-clan.
Emily is entangled romantically with a vampire, his angry Mistress who doesn’t like sharing her servants, and an incredibly powerful witch who realizes killing Emily is the gateway to what she wants. By the end, Emily must figure out who she can trust and who has the darkest nature of all.


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6 thoughts on “Four Word Interview–Of A Darker Nature

  1. You’re probably right, but since I’ve never been considered normal… being normal would be abnormal, right? lol

    • I suppose…but sometimes it would feel good. 🙂 Like hugs, for example, my skin is always 74.7 degrees….that’s just hard to cover up when it comes to hugs…and my roomie likes hugs.

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