Fourth of July

Hey there everyone.  

I hope you all had a great Fourth of July.  The other day, I was truly humbled when I saw an interview on Headline News about the last remaining survivor of the WW1~  Yep, I really did type WW1.  

He’s 107 years old, and his grandfather actually served in the revolutionary war!  

I’m humbled for a a couple reasons.  

First, God laid on this man’s heart to serve in the war and because he followed God’s lead (or calling if you will) to serve, he helped secure the very freedom I have today.  Second, I was in awe of his bravery.  So often I find myself scared of various reason, whether it be trying new things, or starting something I am unsure I can complete (like writing a book, getting an agent, getting it published….).  This man faced his fears and put his life in harm’s way to serve us.  

I am just so very thankful and so very humbled by ALL those who have served or are serving to protect my freedom and to help other countries in achieve that very same freedom.   

God Bless!

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