I’ve always loved Fridays.  I mean, if you think about it, they are the most exciting.  I tackle everything with such eagerness, because the sooner it’s done, the sooner I can call it a day and chill out for the weekend, right?  Also, pretty much anything can go wrong, because “I’ve got the weekend to recover.”   Oh, and the planning.  “Hmmm, how far should I ride this weekend?  What’s the church sermon going to be about?  Oh yeah, I get to work in the bookstore this Saturday.”  Things like that – it’s fun to plan the “play time” as well. 

Have you ever noticed that people are in just a little better mood all day long, too.  So when I’m on the phone for work or whatever, seems everyone is just a little nicer.  HOWEVER, this very Friday feels a bit different.  “Why?” you ask…. well, I’m unemployed.  

Yep, as you may have seen in my blog from yesterday, my company closed its doors on Wednesday, so I’m out of a job. For the first time in my 10+ years of working, I am unemployed.  It’s such a weird feeling I don’t mind saying.  It’s just different to get up and not really HAVE to do anything.  I’m not getting paid, I don’t have a clock to punch or a manager with whom I must check in –  VERY strange.

Sure, I am still doing quite a bit still to help out my clients who were displaced by my company getting shut down, but it’s not the same.  

God is faithful though.  There is a prospect of another job hovering nearby, so I’m praying that’ll work out and I’ll be employed again soon.  But, if that doesn’t work out, another door will open I’m sure.  So, in the mean time, I’ll just do some praying, writing, and riding.  We’re going to ride 60 miles this Sunday….YIKES, I know.  But hey, what else do I have to do, right?  🙂


Let the Adventure Continue.


  1. I have NO idea how you find the time to fit all of your extracurriculars in. Just amazing! =)

    Enjoy your ride and for now, enjoy your time away from work. =)

  2. Donna,
    Yeah, I know. I’ve been called CRAZY before, but hey, it’s in my genes. My Dad is a marathon runner. Now that’s really insane. Just kidding.
    Thanks for visiting and the encouragement.

  3. Hi Sheri, YIKES, riding 60 miles! I thought I was doing good by finally getting able to walk a mile without getting tired.

    Yes, God is faithful in the job situation. I know the feeling. My school cleaning job ended the end of May so I’ve been doing odd jobs ever since. Last week, I got a fairly regular job of writing for a website. Just got my first paypal payment today.

    Keep your spirits up!

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