Friday Funnies is a chance to share your wild and crazy stories. Whether it’s a personal story or just something that strikes you as funny. Let’s laugh and have some fun, but keep it clean, cuz I’m a watchin’ **wink wink**

So, we’ve all played jokes or goofed around meaning no harm, right? Here’s a funny story with Charlie’s family and a golf cart.

Charlie and his dad, RG, and brother, Tim and good friend, Aric, were out golfing one day. A quick nine holes, no harm, right?

Well, RG was goofing around with the golf cart and he aimed the little car at Aric goofing around, well, RG veered off, but Aric veered off as well, BUT IN the same direction.

He bounced off the hood, his clubs shot out all over the greens, and he tumbled to the ground. After everyone confirmed Aric was okay, they all fell into fits of laughter. So much so, they couldn’t finish the last couple holes so they called it a day.

***So, what kind of funny stories do you have to share?***

5 thoughts on “FRIDAY FUNNIES

  1. Oh my goodness. It’s a wonder golf courses don’t have patrolmen stationed on every hole.

    I have a funny top 10 reasons my sisters and I thought twice about getting my mom and dad a membership to the golf course for Christmas, but I can’t share it here.

    Heck, I can’t even share it on my blog. It’s that embarrassing.

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