Friday Funnies is a chance to share your wild and crazy stories. Whether it’s a personal story or just something that strikes you as funny.

Let’s laugh and have some fun, but keep it clean, cuz I’m a watchin’ **wink wink**


Have you ever talked in your sleep? Mummbled random, incoherent words or phrases? I’ve done it all my life.  My parents could probably get you into stiches telling about my ramblings and walking adventures while held in the thralls of deep, deep sleep.

One morning, my sweet hubby told me of a funny conversation had with me the night before. While I was sleeping, mind you.  Charlie is a very light sleeper, so he often wakes up when I start chatting in my sleep. He started asking me questions. Evidently, I was talking very clearly that night.

“I have to go get a camera,” I said.

“You have to get a camera?” Charlie asks.


“What kind of camera?” He eggs me on.

“A chocolate camera,” I said with a grin .

Big shocker there, me dreaming about chocolate….


So, any of you have some fun stories to share?

4 thoughts on “FRIDAY FUNNIES

  1. I’m not a big sleep-talker, but some of my family members are. My sister used to talk in her sleep all the time when she was a kid, and once in awhile my hubby does.

    My funniest story ever, though, was my brother.

    We used to go camping with my dad, and the place we went was a pretty far drive. One year, we didn’t leave in time to make it before dark, and it the road is impossible to drive on in the dark, so we stayed in a hotel the first night.

    In the middle of the night, my dad wakes up and sees my brother sitting in the chair, staring out the window.

    So he asks, “What are you doing?”

    My brother responds, “I’m guarding the truck!”

    Then, a couple nights later, we’re up at the campground, and we had two tents. My dad, little brother and I were in the big tent, and my brother and sister were in the little tent.

    The middle of the night, my sister wakes up because my brother is fiddling with the tent zipper. So she asks,
    “Can I help you?”

    He responds, “No, you can’t help, cuz you’re a Nazi, and Nazis don’t help!”

  2. Oh…do I have stories about talking in your sleep!

    My husband, a recovering alcoholic, had a lot of trouble after sleeping when he quit drinking. Apparently, it’s a common problem among alcoholics.

    Anyway, his doctor put him on Ambien to help him sleep at night. Well, if you don’t go to bed right away after taking Ambien, you do some pretty weird things. My husband had about a five minute window before it started working on him. Sometimes he’d barely get to the bed before spouting off about things — like trying to convince me my pilates ball was an alien egg.

    He once thought he was steering a boat when he was lying on our oak floor pulling on our dog’s jowls. And he told me he was trying to build a rollercoaster but every time I laughed, it would fall apart.

    But the funniest, by far, was when he climbed to the top of the stairs chanting, “What’s the matter with your ducks?” And then he told me he was really worried about the dog.

    I asked why. He told me: “Those ducks marching in the hallway are taking all of our stuff. I think they carried Bruizer away, too.” In my head, I pictured these Nazi-like ducks carrying away my golden retriever in a cartoonish way. It took 10 minutes for me to stop laughing and convince him that didn’t have to go outside and look for him.

    Thank goodness my husband now sleeps without the aid of sleeping pills now. And he’s 2-1/2 years sober. Yea!

  3. Boy, can I relate! Not for myself of course, but for Jeff. I knew it would be fun to sleep with him, but I never really knew, how funny it would be! 🙂 He walks, he talks, he proclaims God’s word and authority, he get’s up at midnight and turns on the shower, he get’s up and grabs my hand to go for a walk, he tells me stories, etc. I could go on and on. Thanks for the chuckle – I’m sure Jeff will be happy to know that he’s not alone! Blessings!

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