Friday Funnies

Happy Friday, everyone. Hope your week has treated you well.

I love roaming the internet to find funny videos . . . and it always seems to come down to people falling that make me laugh so hard.

Why is that?

Maybe because I’ve fallen enough in my life to have spurred on some serious laughing fits myself. LOL.

So, take a minute, watch this, and you’ll be laughing in no time.




Make it a great day, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

  1. KM–I know, right? I’ve fallen enough to have filled up one of these video clips. LOL. And yes, I can laugh now. . . except that last one, still having hip pain from that one.

    Kat–LOL. The sled? Really? Holy moly. Too bad you didn’t get it on film, huh?

  2. LOL! I love Fridays on your blog.

    My oldest daughter has actually done that last one with the sled, except it was a semi trailer and she went right underneath.

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