Friday Funnies–Frostbite Style

HI. Mandy here again. So, you might not know this about me—well I’m sure you don’t since my story isn’t published yet—but I’m a little prankster.

What else would a seventeen-year-old girl who has the power to freeze things do with her newfound power?


I mean, you gotta have a little fun otherwise the days blend together in a dull, boring blob.

So, there’s this girl, Samantha, right? She’s totally after my guy, Zach. She totally and completely hates me because Zach’s into me all of a sudden.

Yeah, well, she’s constantly flaunting herself in front of him. Touching him. Smiling with her perfectly straight, blindingly white teeth. . .


Sure, Zach doesn’t give her a second glance, but still….

So, one day, after she tattled on me and Zach for doing something (I’m not sayin’ what . . .), she came up to my locker, gloating. She flipped her long, bottle-blond hair over her shoulder and sashayed away from me.

I so could not resist . . .

I leaned down, touched the slick floor and let a stream of ice flow from my finger.

She turned the corner, and her feet slipped out from beneath her. She crashed, taking two of her little Barbie-doll minions down with her.

Oh yeah!

The students packing the hallway roared with laughter.

I know I should totally not do crap  like that. I mean, she could get hurt, right? Oh, let’s face it. That’s a sweet prank.


What pranks have you played on people before?


**Oh, and be sure to come back tomorrow for the contest announcement. It’s gonna be sweet!**

7 thoughts on “Friday Funnies–Frostbite Style

  1. Love that! lol.

    Once, I was waiting in a doorway since I heard my mom coming down the hallway. I waited, waited, then pounced! I jumped out at her and kind of yelled… What I didn’t know is that she had a full glass of water in her hand. :/ Luckily, none got on me, but it went straight into the air when she jerked and screamed, then went all over the floor. Needless to say, she made me clean it all up. 🙁 Not my finest hour…

  2. Okay, I’m so lame I can’t ever think of fun jokes. So, my sweet hubby had one played on him and it was GREAT! He’s a physical therapist (PT), right? Well, he started a new job and to break him in, the staff told him someone “coded” on the PT table (for those who don’t know, coding is bad. . . it’s like, seriously a medical issue) so he kinda freaked then found out it was a prank. He was a good sport about it, but yikes, for a second there . . . LOL.

    Okay, Mandy. I so have to admit this…I’d totally do that prank if I had your power!!!

  3. It’s not really a prank per se, but …

    I once convinced the group of people with whom I was playing poker that it wasn’t funny to call one-eyed jacks wild because I had an uncle named Jack who had got his eye poked out. Apparently I have a pretty good poker face because the table got really quiet until I started laughing.

  4. Well, I don’t have super powers, but I’ve been an accomplice for many sweet pranks. Once at camp my cabin took about fifty cardoard boxes and stacked them in front of another cabin’s door in the dead of night.

    That one was fun.

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