Friday Funnies–Frostbite Style

HI. Mandy here again. So, you might not know this about me—well I’m sure you don’t since my story isn’t published yet—but I’m a little prankster.

What else would a seventeen-year-old girl who has the power to freeze things do with her newfound power?


I mean, you gotta have a little fun otherwise the days blend together in a dull, boring blob.

So, there’s this girl, Samantha, right? She’s totally after my guy, Zach. She totally and completely hates me because Zach’s into me all of a sudden.

Yeah, well, she’s constantly flaunting herself in front of him. Touching him. Smiling with her perfectly straight, blindingly white teeth. . .


Sure, Zach doesn’t give her a second glance, but still….

So, one day, after she tattled on me and Zach for doing something (I’m not sayin’ what . . .), she came up to my locker, gloating. She flipped her long, bottle-blond hair over her shoulder and sashayed away from me.

I so could not resist . . .

I leaned down, touched the slick floor and let a stream of ice flow from my finger.

She turned the corner, and her feet slipped out from beneath her. She crashed, taking two of her little Barbie-doll minions down with her.

Oh yeah!

The students packing the hallway roared with laughter.

I know I should totally not do crap  like that. I mean, she could get hurt, right? Oh, let’s face it. That’s a sweet prank.


What pranks have you played on people before?


**Oh, and be sure to come back tomorrow for the contest announcement. It’s gonna be sweet!**


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