FRIDAY FUNNIES–Sheby Daniels Week

tgifShelby here. I’m sad this is my last post on the Light of Truth blog.

Maybe I can convince Lynn to let me do the Saturday post too?? It’s supposed to be part II of her dad’s 3,100 mile bike ride…so we’ll see.

If not, maybe I’ll be back someday to host…

But, back to Friday Funnies.

So, Lynn tells me it’s all about funny stories on Fridays. Sounds cool, I like laughing. Heck, in Light of Truth, Lynn even talks about a time where I fell off my couch while I was sleeping.

Poor Gabe. He was hangin’ out at my house in the kitchen (you’ll have to read the book to get more details….), and I guess he toally freaked when he heard the thud. He thought someone came in and snatched me away or something.

I mean, how embarrassing is that? We’d only known each other for, like,  a couple days.

But that’s not my funny story.

When I was six, and no, this isn’t in the book, I was in a wedding. The cute little ringer bearer-type. Pink dress, all the frills.

Yeah, that was before the whole, “I hate God and the world” attitude shift and black clothes after my dad died.

Anyway, back to the story.

I don’t remember it much because I was so little. Mom used to tell the story all the time, though, and had to whip out the pictures once in a while.

Evidently, I was doing the little-girl-potty-dance, so mom took me to the bathroom.

Yep, you guessed it.

My little dress was tucked in the back of my white tights as I started walking down the aisle.

Jeez, can we say, “embarrassing.” And of course, they had to get it on film.

Parents and their cameras….


So, don’t let me be the only one sharing today. Tell me a funny story…


7 thoughts on “FRIDAY FUNNIES–Sheby Daniels Week

  1. While I enjoyed reading everyone’s stories, I can’t think of one to share myself. Sorry, guess I’ll just have to laugh and run!

    I’ll miss you, Shelby! Thanks for visiting with us all week!

  2. Ok, you all are crackin’ me up with your stories. I can’t top any of these. I think I’ve blocked all my mishaps from my brain. How convenient, huh? LOL

    Shelby, it’s been fun havin’ you host my blog this week. I’m sure you’ll be back someday. Heck, maybe even co-host with Caleb, you know, the 300 year old I write about in Guardian?? 🙂

    Keep the funny stories comin’ I want to laugh some more today!

  3. Kat–Oh my gosh. I’m tearing up I’m laughing so hard!

    Gzusfree–Ah, thanks. I hope I get to see the book on bookshelves someday soon. I hear Lynn’s been asked more than once where they could get the book from her FaceBook friends…someday maybe she’ll be able to say, “Oh, go on Barnes and and look up LYNN RUSH” LOL. But, as I, and Gabe, say…”It’s a God thing.” I LOVE your funny story, too. “Momma, don’t spank me!” That’s hysterical.

    Thanks for hangin’ with me this week! Maybe I’ll be back 🙂

  4. Kat! That was so funny! ROTFL
    Shelby, I’m gonna miss your hosting! I just love you and Gabe’s story Light of Truth and am hoping one day to see it in a beautiful, bound cover.
    The dress in the tights was funny too! My mom took me out from church when I was little. It was during a prayer and I screamed, “No, momma don’t spank me!” over and over down the aisle.
    Got to love youth!
    Have a great weekend guys.

  5. That would be embarrassing!

    I don’t have many embarrassing stories to tell because I look at those experiences as reminders from God not to take myself too seriously.

    Although, there was the time I was in a locker room at the YMCA helping my 5-year-old nephew get dressed after swimming lessons. The room was crowded with elderly women preparing for their aquacize class. Standing in his birthday suit between two rows of lockers, my nephew passed a (very) noisy bubble of gas right before an elderly woman walked around the corner.

    My nephew looked at me, smiled and said, “Did you do that, Kat?”

    By the look on her face, the woman believed it was me.

    Twenty years later, I’m still cringing.

  6. Ahhhh, Billy, you’re so sweet. I hope the book gets out there someday, too. You’ll be one of the first to know when and if that ever happens. 🙂

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