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My favorite part of the day is dawn. Specifically before dawn, because I love watching the sun rise. For whatever reason, I find that time of day and that particular sight most inspirational to me.

I took this picture on one of my morning bike rides a while ago. Yep, I stopped my workout, dug out my camera (yeah, I don’t have a phone that can take pictures very well–I’m lame) and snapped this picture.

Now, anyone who follows my facebook or twitter posts knows I spend a lot of time on my bike and often mention how it helps me think through books, plotting, and so on.

This past weekend was no exception.

I got to see a spectacular sunrise and start planning out the sequel to Wasteland. Four and a half hours on the bike allows for a lot of time to think things through, that’s for sure.


What’s your favorite time of day?


11 thoughts on “Friday Photo

  1. What a gorgeous photo! I’m not sure I have a favorite time of day. Maybe that’s because i love the weather so much here that I love the variations: warm morning, pleasant heat of afternoon, cool of evening. I always love the moment when I lie down to sleep, whether at night or in a rare afternoon nap.

    • Love that, “…world slows down and my mind comes alive.” Nicely put! While I’m most productive in the morning, I’ve been known to stay up to the wee-hours of the evening, writing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I can’t say I prefer sunrise over sunset. My avatar picture is of the sunset over the lake I love to fish in. When I go fishing, there’s nothing better than watching the sun rise with your line in the water. The gentle lapping of the waves, the sounds of nature *sigh* Then again, watching the sun set, seeing the beautiful oranges and reds as it sinks into the horizon…meh. Okay, now I miss fishing. I need to go again. Beautiful picture, have a great weekend!

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