I got this from a friend the other day.

It’s a Monday thing, but Wednesday will work good enough, right?

It’s hysterical. 

First, you had trouble getting out of bed.

You had a stiff neck

You washed your hair and couldn’t do a thing with it

Your new diet really doesn’t seem to be working out

You pulled a muscle when you tried to exercise

The boss chewed you out at work

On top of that you think you’re coming down with the flu



Thought for the Day

Handle every stressful situation like a dog.


If you can’t eat it or play with it

Just pee on it and walk away



4 thoughts on “FUNNY TIMES

  1. I feel sooooo much like that fat cat sometimes. I have another I’ll e-mail you if I can find it.

    Sorry I haven’t visited in awhile. Busy busy…

  2. Thanks for visiting Megan.

    I won’t be in Colorado this weekend, otherwise I’d be there for sure! But I’m praying for you.

    I’m spreading the word of your books down here in the desert, though!

  3. That’s funny.

    In other news, thanks for your encouragement and support of Out of Her Hands. You know what? I could feel your pinch–thanks!!

    A prisoner of hope,

    PS: So are you coming to my party on Saturday? You’re invited, you know!

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