Game face #TheRunningWriter

Game face.


There’s a saying in AA that’s I’ve always found interesting. Fake it until you make it. It’s kind of interesting because you think, “Hey. Don’t fake stuff. You got to be real.”

But in this sense, sometimes life gets so hard you might fold, but you trust the program and you have to learn how to live life clean, so do what the program instructs, even if it’s not what you want to do. It gets you through that tough spell and you learn. You practice doing something a different way.

By doing that, you’ll get stronger. It won’t be so hard later or next time you face off with temptation.

I look at it as putting your game face on. You know you have a job to do, so you zero in on what you need to get things done.

I’ve had to do that lately as I work through this grief-thing. I’ve climbed a lot of hills and mountains while trail running, battled through obstacles in my writing world, but this grief thing—man, it’s like a thick, slushy tar that my feet are sticking in.

I feel slow and sluggish. Off my game. Some moments are fine, others it takes serious effort to get out of the house and face the day.

So yeah, I’ve had to put my game face on, look at the day like an event or race just to make it. But each day I do that, I am stronger. I bust through grief’s grip. I show it who’s boss and I take charge. And with each day I find more peace. I trust that things will get better.

Let’s do this!

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