Get back to it. #TheRunningWriter

Ever feel like giving up? That no matter what you try or how hard you try you just can’t get above water? You just can’t win?

Or maybe you’ve been working toward a goal for months, even years, and you feel like you’re getting farther and farther away from it?

**Raises hand**

There have been times when I considered giving up on writing. A time when I was sick of getting rejected by publishers, people criticizing my stories, other writers rejecting me…

But the stories kept coming. It was like they just wouldn’t stop. So I kept writing. Maybe not as publicly as before, but I kept writing. It almost felt like I had to, that the stories just had to be told. That maybe I really was supposed to write books or something.

And it was okay if they didn’t get published. I had a blast getting lost in the new worlds I was creating, the strange characters, and the off-the-wall adventures!

It was a nice reminder of when I started writing in the first place.

Sometimes it takes some hard times to bring you back to the beginning. To remind you of your purpose. To find the passion you first started out with before outside influences started messing with your mind.

What do you need to get back to?

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