dscn22411If you’ve been following my blog, twitter, or facebook for any length of time, you know I spend a ton of time on my road bike.

While pounding out 50-60 miles I have a lot of time to think. I’ve plotted books, thought of how to kill off characters, who should I make evil, etc.

Well, on this particular ride, where I decided to take my sweet hubby’s picture, something dawned on me… I’ve been given certain gifts in life. And yes, I believe they are gifts from God and we all have them.

Sure, I consider writing a gift. The ability to exercise a gift. Leading a small group a gift….but, have you ever considered your spouse (if you have one) to be a gift?

While I as out riding, following behind Charlie (to catch his draft) a thought popped into my head. Kind of like a light bulb flicking on.

Besides God’s love, Charlie’s my greatest gift. He’s a strong, loving leader of the household. He works hard to provide a nice life for us. He’s motivating and encouraging, especially when it comes to my writing.

So, I’ll happily follow Charlie, catching his draft, anyday!!


What’s the greatest gift in your life?



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