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Give a hi


I always say hi to people. I could be walking in the grocery store, down to get my mail or just walking across the parking lot to get to my favorite restaurant, and I’ll say hi to whoever I meet.

I wasn’t always like that, though. There was a time when I kept my head down and did my own thing. What I was doing or needed to do was the only thing that mattered.

Then I started working at a mega church. I learned a really neat concept about making the church feel small.

People can feel lost and overwhelmed with lots of people around and the hustle and bustle. So we want to make the church feel smaller by talking to people. Meeting them where they are.

And that starts with a greeting.

Our world is a pretty big place isn’t it?  And it’s super easy to feel overlooked, lost and alone here. So, I kind of look at the world through the eyes of trying to make it feel a little smaller through a friendly greeting.

We’re all in this life together, right?  Why not say hello when you meet up with someone? Wave to the kids.  It might make their day. I know it makes mine when I say hello and someone smiles. They might have needed to be seen at that very moment.

Don’t let that pass you by.

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