I got a call that rocked my world on Friday the 17th…. Light of Truth Finaled in a writing contest.

The call caught me off guard. I was at the grocery store standing in the check out line. I’m like, “715 area code? Who could that be?”

I don’t know what possessed me to answer, I mean, I was next in line to check out. I guess I figured I could because the guy in front of me was taking forever and the call was probably a solicitor.” (And yes, I put my cell number on the no call list, I still get them.)

Anyway, I picked it up and God bless her soul, the woman on the end of the line repeated it, like, six times. I couldn’t believe I was hearing her right.

So, I stepped out of line, letting the person behind me check out while I got the details. I was so excited you’d think I had won!! Heck, even if I don’t win, I’m stoked I finaled.

AND, to make things even BETTER, I was leaving later that night to Sedona, AZ with my dear friend KM for a writer’s retreat.

A weekend of nothing but writing. NO TV, no nothing.

We’d arrived up to Sedona later that night and I was so wired from the final, I did a little work, but the REAL fun started Saturday . . . but you’ll have to stay tuned for that until tomorrow.  ☺


Have you ever won something? Do tell.



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