Some of my friends started a fun little chain about our idea of a Good Writing Day…thought I’d join in.  Go check out out these blogs too.  Long Road to Heaven, Singer Scribe, and Inkhorn Blue.

To tell you the truth, good writing days often sneak up on me.  I don’t usually plan out long blocks of writing time. I just kind of fall into them if a thought hits or a story blooms.  My husband can attest to that because he knows what’s up if I say, “Oh, I’m on a roll.”

A good writing day is when my busy day lightens enough for me to spend a block of uninterrupted hours sitting in my patio lounge chair with my computer on my lap and my two dogs at my feet.

A good writing day is when I get lost in my characters. Cry with them.  Mourn with them.  Laugh with them.

A good writing day is when I finish an action scene and my heart is pumping like I just experienced it.

A good writing day is when I finish writing, I feel that much closer to God.

In the end, it doesn’t even matter if I get a ton of words done. It’s just the shear joy of sitting with a warm computer on my lap and using God’s gifts to create fun and exciting worlds for a little while.


So, what’s your “Good Writing Day?” And if you’re not a writer, what do you consider “A Good Day?”


5 thoughts on “GOOD WRITING DAY

  1. My dog has to leave the room when I’m writing. He has a tendency to sit right next to me with his chin on my lap. He’ll also steal my Twizzlers if I’m not looking. 🙂


  2. Lrush,
    Thanks for the post!
    Think a good writing day is any day that I don’t sit at the computer in fear; those voices in my head are suddenly missing -the ones saying, ‘who are you to write this?’-; or I have a little time without the TV or phone distracting me.
    A good writing day is when I approach the computer with my gut and my head is just a bystander; I am overtaken by my story as if I dipped my head into Professor Dumbledor’s pensive; I can’t stop – it takes all my effort to put it away and go to work or school. I love those days!
    A writing friend gave me this advice: Write everyday – no matter what. I have more “good writing days” when I follow her advice.

  3. I’m with you on those adrenaline-pumping action scenes! You know it’s good if your palms sweat while you’re typing. 🙂

    Added your link to the blog chain on my post…

  4. I love this post, Lynn. I could “see” you on the deck with your dear doggies and a warm laptop.

    Let me see…I think I remember a patio. Not very appealing at 24 degrees with a dusting a snow, though. Not at all. 🙂

    And I relate to the laughing, crying and heart-pounding. I think most writers “feel” the story on the good days. On the not-so-good days, when the words just aren’t flowing after a good ole college try, I give up. If I’m not feeling it, I figure my readers won’t be either (even if it’s only my dear sister doing the reading…God love her).

    Again, great post. Have a wonderful, blessed Saturday!

  5. A good writing day is when I finish a chapter, read it, and smile.

    There’s just something about being completely happy with something I’ve written the first time around. Maybe because it doesn’t happen very often…

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