Goodbye Chicago…

I’m still in Chicago but packing it up to head back to the sunny AZ desert.  Man it’s been a blast here.

I’ve met some amazing people from aspiring authors, readers, to best-selling authors.  Got to ride the elevator with Charlaine Harris. Sit next to the beautiful Jaime Rush. And spend most smoke breaks chatting up stories with the great Kendall Grey.

No, I didn’t pick up smoking….LOL.

One thing in common?

Goodbye to my crazy writer friends.......:)

We all love books.

Just like the tittle of the convention reads: “Booklovers Convention!”

Today I have to say goodbye to my friends and head to the airport and back to the “real” world. Not that I don’t LOVE my real world…but hanging out with a bunch of crazy writers who have characters whispering in their minds twenty-four-seven like me…was totally amazing. It reminded me that I’m not alone in this.

And to the readers. THANK YOU for buying our books. It was such a pleasure getting to meet you all. It’s nice to put a face to all the people who read our stories and are impacted by the worlds we create.

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