Goodbye for now #TheRunningWriter

Goodbye for now.


How do you say goodbye for the last time? The emotions running through me are like a tidal wave. The thought of not having a home to come to when we return means Mom & Dad-in-law are truly gone.

How does one even begin to process such a change?

For us it’s been us driving around a lot, reliving memories. Telling stories. Visiting with people. Sitting in silence as we hear Mom and Dad’s voices whispering through our minds.

It’s part of the process. Closure to a chapter filled with so much emotion. We’re better because of this place. We’re blessed because of this place. We’re part of this place forever.

Hold onto your family, my friends, no matter what is happening. The struggles. The pain. Work through your issues before you lose the chance to tell them one last time how much you love them.

I was blessed enough to say I love you before my sweet father-in-law, who I call Dad II, passed.

Goodbye for now.

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