Grilled Cheese and Good Friends

This past week I got to have lunch with a good friend. We went to our favorite place to get a grilled cheese sandwich–Mimi’s Cafe

If only I’d taken a picture so you could see this work of art sandwich…but, I didn’t.

It’s the cheesy blend of five cheeses, and some fried to the outsides of the toast.

Dipped in ranch…

Oh, boy. It’d been a while.

Six months, actually.

It got me thinking.

Yes, another scary thing, I know, but bear with me…

With all the internet stuff, chat rooms, emails, and texting for communication, I don’t often take time out of my schedule to actually meet up face-to-face with people.

And that’s just sad.

I vowed right then and there not to wait another SIX months before hanging out with my friend again. I sure missed her.

So, here’s to Good Friends and Grilled Cheese.

4 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese and Good Friends

  1. Great post! I read it earlier today and have been craving grilled cheese since. 🙂 I agree that we need to make sure to take time for face to face interaction…and cheese. Have a fantastic week, Lynn!

  2. I love the fact that technology gives me instant access to my loved ones but you make a very good point: nothing beats a hug and some face to face time. I hope with all of my running amok I get to see you so we can have some grilled cheese and quality chill time. If you ever set foot in FL my house is your house. 😉

  3. AWE!! That is sweet – I have many friends that live so far away that it is impossible to catch up with them. All I can say is that I LOVE technology. It allows me to keep in touch with those friends and make loads of new ones all over the world.

    Now I’m off to make a grilled cheese!!

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