I hope you all are having a sweet and safe holiday from work.  For most, this day signifies the last of the summer.  Here in the desert, well, it’s still summer and will be for a couple more months.   So far, it’s only 83 degrees today, but well on its way to the mid 90s.  It’s a nice break from the low 100s we’ve been having.  

I’m so excited for October and November to roll around so we can enjoy our patio.  Sitting out there for dinner, watching the sun set, and of course writing.  I’ve been known to sit out there with the lap top until 1 in the morning.  

Right now, during the harshest summer months, the deck sits empty, the patio is hot enough to fry an egg on. But, I’m counting down the days.   

In the meantime, I huddle around my laptop in the cool, air conditioned house and plug away.  This weekend I was able to construct the ending to my third project.  I’m not sure if I like it yet, but hey, the first draft is pretty much a free for all as far as the typing, etc.  The real fun begins when it’s re-read, re-worked, and re-done.

So, here’s to the last day of the long weekend.  I’m going to rest up, watch a few movies, and maybe, just maybe, begin tweaking project number 3.


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