Happy Mother’s Day

I’m not a mom, so I can’t relate to that part of mother’s day. But many of my friends are, so I can appreciate all the hard work and dedication they put into being moms. 

So, I hope you all have a super Mother’s Day. Thank you for what you do!


And to Lynn, my sweet mother-in-law.

This is the first time I won’t be able to call you to wish you Happy Mother’s Day. To tell you what a wonderful job you did raising your boy. He treats me so well. Treasures me above all. And YOU taught him that.

I miss you so much.

With all the buzz and excitement about my latest releases, book signings coming up, and all that stuff, I wish you were here by my side. But I can hear you in my heart saying, “Love you, honey.”

I loved hearing you call me honey.

But you know what? Your name is on EVERY book!! Not only in the dedication, but on the front cover. I’m so proud to be your namesake. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom II.

4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. I lost my mom a couple of years ago. It is one of the hardest things a person can go through. I am sure that your mom in law is very proud of you, and cheering for you in the afterlife. Best wishes in the hard times that you have come across lately.


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