2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. HI Chas. I’m actually not pubbed as of yet. If it’s God will, it’ll happen but until then I’m just writin’ up a storm. You’re with ACFW? That’s awesome. Are you in a crit group? Once I joined a crit group (I actually have joined, like, three now…LOL) my writing improved more than I could have ever imagined.

    Yes, getting published or even getting an agent is difficult. But all is possible if it’s God’s will. Let’s stay in touch. I’ve added you to my blog list and followed you on twitter. Are you on FaceBook?

  2. Hey Sheri:

    Good to hear of another writer of Supernatural Christian Fiction. I write about the supernatural as well: I like writing about the spiritual world interacting with the natural world. It’s really fun.

    So how did you get published the first time. I am noticing, especially these days, that it is hard to get published the first time (sort of a Catch-22: you can’t be published by a major house unless you’ve been previously published.)

    I also am in the ACFW, Southest Branch, and the Florida Chapter.

    Any advice you can give this fledgling writer would be very much appreciated.


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