Hard head syndrome #TheRunningWriter

Hard head syndrome


Sometimes I just can’t be told anything. Words of wisdom bounce off me, and I fall right into a vat of stupid mistakes.

Ever notice that it sometimes takes a hard life lesson to educate us? It would have been much easier to just listen to the advice Mom told us and avoided ugly some of our situations.

But noooo. We had to go do it and get knocked on our butts.

***raises hand***

I’ve totally done that. Still do, unfortunately.

Hard lessons make the difference, though. They make us stronger. Give us grit. And we can all use more grit as far as I’m concerned.

We’ll always have hard spots in life, but as we face off with and overcome them, we get wiser and stronger.

As much as we can, we share our wisdom, but those coming after us might not listen. They might need to face off with obstacles to get their grit.

So don’t get upset when someone you tried to warn suffers from hard head syndrome. They might need a grit-building experience like you did.

Just love on them and support them best you can.

Stay strong, my friends.

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