Helpless #TheRunningWriter



I love feeling helpless.

The feeling of powerlessness is something that makes me feel so alive.


Lately I’ve been feeling utterly useless when it comes to my family and friend who have been dragged over the coals with cancer.

A death and a grave diagnosis. I want to take the pain of that lost loved one away from my family members and I want to take that fear away from my friend facing a grave diagnosis, but I can’t.

I’m powerless.

And I hate it.

So what can I do besides pray? Pace around my house? Live in utter sadness? Slip into anger for all this emotional turmoil?

No. Believe it or not, I have to keep living. It feels so harsh, though. Like I’m a big jerk or something.

Ever feel that helpless? How have you handled it?

I know when I was struggling with the death of my father-in-law, little messages and emails from my friends helped. They brought a brief smile to my face.

A card in the mail. Yes. Snail mail—with a postage stamp and hand writing—alleviated the heaviness in my heart for a few minutes, too.

Simple gestures like that helped. So, I figure, in my helplessness, focusing on the people suffering, and how they might need a little message, is all I can do.

It’ll help them, but it’ll also help me stay positive in a time where anger can often times come in and taint things. Anger at the pain and hurt in this world. Anger that my friends and family are suffering.

Because where my friends lifted me up when I was down, it’s my turn to be there for them. We are in this life together, no matter what.

Stay strong, my friends. Whether the struggle is with you or your friends and family, stay strong. You are not alone.

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