Hitting a curve ball #TheRunningWriter

Today I’m sitting on my stationary bike, pedaling away, coming to terms with the fact that I might be spending more time than I’d like on this thing.

I’d rather be out on my trails, pounding up those wicked hills, taking in the amazing scenery, and spending time with my friends. But sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Sure. I’d had plans to run the canyon next month with my sweet hubby, I’d had plans to race the four peaks in November…but sometimes life throws you curve balls. Rather unpleasant and painful ones. How do you handle those unexpected obstacles?

If I had a sure-fire answer I’d be set for life, right? All I can tell you is how I deal with it – and maybe you can share your secrets with me as well.

First: Focus on things to be thankful for. Doing that helps remind me that I am still truly blessed. Not every single aspect of my life is bad. When I’m struggling, the darkness of injury can spread into every aspect of every day–if I let it. Searching out, on a daily basis, one or two positive things in my life helps combat that.

Second: Find a way to still do something you love. Besides writing novels, exercise is my thing. And since injury might be altering my preferred form of exercise (trail running) I’ll find some form of exercise I can do: stationary biking, lifting upper body, aqua jogging, and working on my core strength. I’ll try to keep to my schedule of rising early and doing my exercise in the mornings still, too. It’d be easy to just say “Screw it, I’m injured I’m not doing anything.” But part of recovery is mental health, too, so keeping with daily exercise, even if it’s less than I’m used to, can help.

Finally: Keep the faith. I trust all things work out in the end; it’s just the time in between that gets a little challenging. Some people call it Fate, Universe, whatever. I call it faith in God’s plan and timing. Surrounding myself with positive & encouraging people will help.

How do you handle obstacles that knock you off your feet?

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