Holiday Illusion, by Lynette Eason

Back Cover:
To save a sick, orphaned boy, Anna Freeman must risk her own life. Little Paulo desperately needs a new heart. It’s his only Christmas wish—well, that and building his first snowman. For the surgery, Ann must take him to a hospital in the city she once called home. A place she fled in fear years ago. Which means telling Dr. Lucas Bennett that the woman he’s known all this time as a caring orphanage worker is really someone else. Someone with a very frightening past. And that the danger stalking all of them won’t take Christmas Day off.



My Review:
Fabulous. It was a fast paced read, which is exactly what I like in a book. I’m new to the suspense genre, but quickly growing to love it. Lynette Eason did a wonderful job bringing everything together as the book progressed. I just had to keep reading to find out what would happen next, or what kind of exciting situation was going to present itself. She described the numerous action scenes very well, whether it was a car chase or a shoot-out. I felt like I was there, watching the action as it happened.

You can buy it here:  Barnes and Noble

Release date:  November 2008
Steeple Hill Books


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