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Back on January 18th of this year, I wrote a post, The Meaning of a Name.

Me & my mother-in-law, Lynn.

Now, I love names. Probably because I’m forever looking for the next unique name for my characters.  But my post back in January, I shared with you the reason for my name…Lynn Rush.

For those of you who don’t know, that’s my pen name. I hope you click on that story if you haven’t read it because it’s in honor of my mother in law, Lynn.

Today I write this post with another heavy heart.

Lynn’s going through that same surgery today! 9am Central Time. The surgery back in January was stopped because they found more cancer in her liver, which prevented them from proceeding with the bile duct reconstruction.

Since January, she’s gone through chemo and found out last week the tumor in her liver is GONE!

That means another surgery. The one that was attempted in January. So, I ask you, my fellow blog followers, can you lift up my mother in law in your thoughts and prayers for me today?

It’s an intense surgery. They’re removing her gall bladder, nearly half her liver, and reconstructing her bile ducts with her intestines.

That’s the only cure for this type of cancer. So, I pray this works.

Thanks my friends. I treasure you all!


31 thoughts on “Hopeful. . .

  1. I’m glad they found it to they can treat it right away…

    I hope her revoery is fast and she’s feeling better soon!

    Sending prayers and good thoughts your way…



  2. Thanks for all your thoughts. Lynn’s out of surgery. Good & bad news. They got the bile duct tumor and rebuilt the bile duct with some intestines. They removed 2/3 of her liver–the part that had the tumor in it. And they got her gall bladder out, too, which was the source of much pain for her.

    While in there, doc found some spots on her small intestine and had them tested while he was still working on her. They came back positive for cancer. Very small spots. So, Lynn’s going to have to resume chemo once healed from this surgery. I’m sure we’ll get more details once things settle down from surgery.

    Thanks, everyone.

  3. I will be praying for Lynn through out today and into the rest of the week. Keep us posted. May Gods love surround your entire family during this difficult time.

  4. Major, major prayers are being sent. Have been for a week since I thought it was last Thursday. So, continuing on. Let us know as soon as she’s out of recovery. I know she’ll head to ICU but anesthesia always is scary to me. Hugs to you and Charlie and your father in law. Love you

  5. One of my favorite Scriptures is, Jeremiah 30:17 “I will restore you to health and heal
    your wounds,” declares the Lord. I will pray for your mother in law and your family, Lynn.

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