How will you remember him?

Thriller singing

Boy, the world sure did stop for a bit last week at the announcement of Michael Jackson’s death, didn’t it?

Such a talented man who died so young.Thriller dancing

Forty years in the biz, holy moly. He went through many changes, that’s for sure.

But I’ll always remember him as the young MJ in Thriller.

Thriller dancing 1

***How will you remember him?***

2 thoughts on “How will you remember him?

  1. I will remember Michael Jackson as the guy who wrote the album I ever owned. I played it so much on my parents’ record player that it warped.

    No kidding.

    My Thriller record has bows and curves in it because I listened to “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” so much.

    Oddly enough, my favorite MJ video wasn’t Thriller, it was Say, Say, Say with Paul McCartney. (Remember that one?)

    I would rather remember him that way than the strangeness he later became.

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