Hey all you bloggers out there, it’s Sunday night, the weekend is almost over.  They go too fast, don’t they?

Yesterday we rode 60 miles. Boy, did it get hot toward the end, but it was a blast.  Then, today, we rode 30. Yep, 90 miles in a weekend, then another 40 during the past week.  I’m hittin’ it hard.  But I really do like it. I got to see the sun rise like three times this week.  That’ll never get old as far as I’m concerned.  

I’m just sitting down to do some edits on the book.  Yep, edits seem endless, but each time I sit down to do them, I find better ways to “show” not “tell” the story.  That’s something I’ve learned from my crit group.  It’s been invaluable.  I’m becoming a better writer after each crit.  

I truly hope and pray that someday I’ll be able to acknowledge each and every one in a published book.  but if not, I’ll do it here!  Donna, Diana, and Nike.  THANKS for all you do.  

I hope you all have had a great weekend.

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