Hush, Hush…..

So, I found a new author I adore. 

It was touch and go for a minute there, but…..I’m in. 

Book one was Hush, Hush:

Book two was Crescendo:

Book three was Silence

Now, book one ROCKED. Nicely paced, learned about the characters….kinda fell in love with them. 

Book two, TOTALLY different story. I nearly put down the book and abandoned the series. It was definitely the “sophomore slump” as they call it. 

But….I pressed on because I liked the idea of the story. I enjoyed Becca’s writing style, for the most part. She left the ending hanging big time (flirted with almost too much of a cliffhanger) so I figured I would do it. 

I am SOOO glad I did. Book three was the best one so far. AND, it got me thinking. I have a “sophomore” book coming out in May of 2012. Awaited, Wasteland #2…

**bites nails**

I sure don’t think it’s a sophomore slump, but….I’m also sure someone out there will think it’s a sophomore slump. Hopefully they’ll push through and stick it out for the third (currently untitled and still really rough since it was just written last month for NaNoWriMo).  


So, what new authors have caught your eye lately? Not that I need to add to my ever-expanding TBR list. LOL

Head over to Goodreads and check the Hush, Hush books out: CLICK HERE. If you like anything YA, you’ll be happy with these (with mild exception to book 2). 

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  • Teresa Morris-lloyd

    Ok I am going to give you another great series to read if you have not already. I am now in the middle of it and it is great!!!!! Its Maggie Shayne’s “Wings in the Night”
    Hope you enjoy this as much as I am.

  • Teresa Morris-lloyd

    You know Lynn I have seen these books in stores, and online and have often wondered about them. And now hearing about them from you I will put them on my future book reads.
    Thank you so much Lynn!!

  • Alex J. Cavanaugh

    The sophomore slump worries me, as I also have a second book coming out soon. (Fortunately, I just read a five star review of my second book that stated it was better than the first, so I have hope!)

    • Lynn Rush

      Glad I’m not the only one worrying about this stuff!!! LOL. It’s such a subjective industry, and you can’t please everyone! 🙂

  • Kendall Grey

    With a good editor, you shouldn’t have any problem with a book 2 slump. And honestly, I think you can tell when your own work isn’t up to snuff with the others in a series. Writer radar kind of thing. If the book seems off or just doesn’t flow, you’re probably right. Glad the 3rd book in this series made up for the 2nd’s shortcomings. 🙂