I can’t believe it…

September is already here? That just doesn’t seem possible the summer is already over. Kids are back in school. Colleges are into their first semesters.

Though, I am excited for one reason…it’s that much closer to Violet Midnight’s Cover Reveal. September 4th is the big day.

I’m super excited because I just love this cover. It’s quite different than the Wasteland and Awaited covers–which is good, because this series is WAY different.

The ARCs are out to readers & reviewers so I’m biting my nails a bit to see what people think…especially those who only know me for the Wasteland Trilogy.


So, tell me, what was one highlight of your summer? Whether it’s a vacation,  awesome movie you saw, or whatever? Do tell…..

For me…a big highlight was RAGBRAI!! We biked across Iowa! 407 miles in 5 days. AND we raised over $3,000 for cancer. WOOT!! 

7 thoughts on “I can’t believe it…

  1. This summer we went to Europe for 10 days with middle schoolers! We visited Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London. Tiring but a fantastic trip!

    Congrats on your newest book. I just bought the Wasteland and Awaited; I can’t wait to read them!

    • Wow. That sounds like QUITE a trip. I went to London and Paris a couple of summers ago. Enjoyed it. QUITE different than the states, for sure, but was an interesting experience.
      THANKS!! I hope you enjoy Wasteland and Awaited.

  2. Well I loved how I had time to this summer to practice my sign language. I can talk in conversations now, but can’t follow that well when people sign fast lol

    • Wow. That’s WAY cool!!! I’ve always wanted to learn sign language. I did have to study some for my character Annabelle since she’s mute (Awaited) it was fun!!! 🙂 Congrats on doing that, Jocelyn!

    • Yay!!
      Oh, cool. Vacations with the spouse, that’s the BEST!!! I’m on Staycation with my spouse. it’s awesome! Congrats on writing the first draft of your third book. Write on, my friend!!

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